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No Right Turn Sign

SKU: R2-6AR-400

No Right Turn Sign

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  • Size: 450mm x 900mm or 600mm x 1200mm
  • Red & Black on White
  • Class 400 Reflective 
  • 40mm CR + Post Mount Holes for 450mm x 900mm
  • 60mm CR + Post Mount Holes for 600mm x 1200mm

This No Right Turn Sign is an essential solution for managing traffic at busy intersections. By clearly indicating to drivers that right turns are prohibited, it helps to reduce traffic congestion and enhance safety for all road users. Designed for high visibility and durability, this sign withstands the demands of busy roads and adverse weather conditions, making it a reliable choice for any high-traffic area. Ensure smoother traffic flow and improved safety with this effective No Right Turn Sign.

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