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Emergency Signs

Emergency Signs

Quality emergency signs, WHS safety signs, and more

At HIVIS, our goal is to save lives through innovation — however, sometimes the simplest solution can make the biggest difference. Emergency signs, for example, inform workers, visitors, clients, patrons, and pedestrians where to go in the event of a fire or emergency, highlighting the fastest and safest escape route.

From ambulance directory signs to emergency muster points and evacuation area signs, we can design and deliver the signs you need to keep your employees and visitors safe.

Our WHS and emergency information signs are designed in line with International and Australian Safety Standards, ensuring all employees, visitors and pedestrians can understand the message and act accordingly. Look out for the fluro yellow sticker on the back of our signs — it’s a sign of our commitment to our customers, delivering high quality and compliance where needed most.

Contact us for more information about our emergency signs or to place an order. We offer custom signage options to meet the unique requirements of your workplace.

Emergency signage options

  • DECALS: A quick, temporary solution for emergency signage. Quick to install.
  • POLYCARBONATE: Ideal for indoor use as it is lightweight and easy to install.
  • METAL: Ideal for outdoor use. Heavy-duty, long-lasting, and resistant to corrosion, sun damage, and the weather.
    - 300mm x 225mm
    - 450mm x 300mm
    - 600mm x 450mm

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