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Van Graphics, Decals and Wraps

Van Graphics, Decals and Wraps


Welcome to HIVIS Vans – Enhance Your Brand with Premium Mobile Advertising Graphics!

Maximise your van's visibility and drive continuous leads with our expertly crafted graphics, wraps, and decals. Our in-house designers specialise in optimising display space for your products, services, website, and contact details, ensuring your van stands out on the road.

Tailored to your budget, our solutions combine affordability with innovative production techniques, maximising toolboxes without compromising functionality. With our exclusive use of premium materials and top-notch workmanship, we offer up to 7-year warranties, providing lasting value for daily use.

Join Brad Noble, Managing Director of Noble Engineering, in experiencing the impact: "Great work. Our new vans stand out on every site, generating positive comments." Choose HIVIS Vans for graphics that transform your work van into a sophisticated and effective advertising tool.

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