Hi-Vis Group first began to use solar powered signage with it’s patented School Zone Crossing Signs back in 1999.

Since then, the company has been leading the way in solar power driven signage as a real alternative to mains power. Solar power is greener than mains and can be stored in a local battery for additional back up.

Full LED Signage

Changing Driver Behaviours.

Vehicle Activated Signs

Our first VAS was delivered in 2012. Since that time, significant research and development has transformed these signs into hard working, efficient, reliable warning and speed signs.

Implemented to alert drivers to potential or known hazards or black spots, our signs have reduced near incidents and accidents with not one fatality being recorded from the day of installation. We now have over 100+ Vehicle Activated Signs deployed all over Australia.

Enhanced Static Signs

Bespoke Intelligent Integrations.

Smart Sign Integration

Our engineering teams can generate solutions to your unique roads and traffic problems by integrating our LED sign technology with camera and radar technology feeding back into our data capture and management systems.

In the image shown here, the software is programmed for the radar and camera to detect large trucks beyond a certain length to flash and turnaround.

Smart Enhancements

Real Time Sign Management System

Data Capture and Management

When radar and/or cameras are installed our proprietory software system is capable of capturing vehicle counts, vehicle speeds, number plate recognition and when pedestrian monitoring is involved, can categorise people, prams, cyclists of shared city pathways.

Our data system allows for accurate reporting and better decision making surrounding city or town infrastructures and urban planning.

Next Level Machine Learning

Intelligent Traffic Systems

When our systems are totally integrated with LED signs, software and machine vision technology into an omni-channel system, the real power of our technology can be utilised to create smarter roads, transport hubs and shared user pathways.

Safer Intersections. Safer Pedestrians.

Pedestrian Detection Systems

Pedestrian crossings are notoriously dangerous areas particularly on busy city roads. Our Pedestrian Detection System allows traffic to flow freely until a pedestrian walks into a designated Zone.

Camera detection in the actual Zone activates flashing pedestrian sign that slows traffic to a halt, allowing pedestrians to cross safely. Signs continue to flash whilst crossing the road or until no occupant is in the Entrance Zones, on the crossing itself or in the Exit Zones.