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LED Enhanced Static Signs

LED Enhanced Static Signs

Alert drivers of traffic & hazard warnings.

  • Excellent for day / night visibility
  • Can be vehicle activated or programmed
  • Class 1100 reflective sign face
  • Customized to suit your specific problem area


  • 2 flashing lanterns/wigwams
  • Choice of Class 1100 reflective printed as pictured
  • Sign controller
  • Default function - Lanterns flash alternately
  • Cabinet size: Custom size with 200mm lanterns
  • IP65 water & dust rating
  • Strut mountings are the same as standard road signs
  • Solar & battery kit
  • SMS reboot
  • Reporting on oncoming vehicle count and speed, GPS, battery voltage and charge current


  • Radar
  • SMS
  • Key Fob
  • 24 hours/time of day
  • Motion detection
  • Pedestrian push button




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