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6KG Sandbag With Handle


6KG Sandbag With Handle

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  • Made from heavy duty UV stabilised PVC
  • Contain two inner bags containing sand
  • Heavy duty handles
  • Contains up to 6KG of clean sand
  • Long lasting & are fully sewn

Our 6KG Sandbag With Handle is expertly crafted from UV-stabilised PVC, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity. Inside, it contains two inner bags filled with clean sand, providing a total weight capacity of up to 6KG. Equipped with heavy-duty handles, this sandbag is easy to carry and manoeuvre. Primarily designed for the traffic control industry, it features a fully sewn construction, making it a reliable and robust solution for various applications. Whether for anchoring traffic signs, stabilising equipment, or other uses, our sandbag delivers dependable performance in all conditions.

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