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Pedestrian Activated Detection Systems

Pedestrian Activated Detection Systems

Safer Intersections. Safer Pedestrians.

The AGD 645 Pedestrian Detector has been designed for the detection and monitoring of pedestrians waiting to cross the road to ensure the crossing phase is called only when pedestrians are present. Multiple units integrate to cover ‘super-crossings’. The AGD 645 builds on the popular AGD 640 Pedestrian Detector which has successfully been deployed on over 15,000 sites worldwide. The ground-up development of the 645 is a 3D HD stereo-vision optical system capable of detecting moving and stationary targets over a large 10m x 3m zone. The 645 maintains class leading shadow and unwanted object rejection.


Designed into the platform to cover the needs of ‘Smart City’ systems are IP, Power Over Ethernet, and real-time video capabilities which allow the 645 to feed data and pictures ‘down the wire’ straight into ITS control rooms – empowering truly informed decision making.


  • 10m x 3m zone – save on infrastructure costs
  • AGD 3D HD stereo-vision – down to min 15 lux
  • Dynamic data for high efficiency
  • Wi-Fi AGD touch-setup – speeds installation & reduces risk
  • Quick-mask tool – easy zone selection
  • IP & real-time video – instant information for improved safety

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