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Flashing Pedestrian Crossing Signs

Flashing Pedestrian Crossing Signs

Warn oncoming traffic of pedestrian activity

Our Flashing Pedestrian Crossing signs flash to warn oncoming traffic of pedestrian crossings and / or pedestrian activity at the site of the crossing.

By combining highly visible LED’s flashing with reflective face panels, visibility is significantly increased both day & night, thereby providing additional alert times for vehicles to come to a stop. Can be mains or solar powered.


  • Ideal for full outdoor visibility
  • Perfect for pedestrian crossings on main roads
  • Set the sign to flash & have the benefit of grabbing viewer’s attention enhancing the static signs. Flashing also reduces the already low power consumption of LED illumination
  • Available in a range of sizes
  • IP65 water & dust rating
  • Strut mountings are the same as standard road signs
  • Light sensor. Varies brightness of LEDs to suit local conditions & increases battery life
  • Internal solar & battery kit
  • Solar powered or 12/240 volt

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