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1. Price offered is GST Exclusive
2. Price offered is based on 30 day EOM payment terms
3. Price is based on Defects Liability Period being a maximum of 6 months post the completion of works under the scope
4. Price offered is valid for 45 days from the date of this tender submission


1. Geotechnical testing
2. Survey
3. Traffic management
4. Service location and all non- destructive excavation required for the works
5. Replacement of unsuitable material for trenches. It is assumed the excavated material will be suitable for use as backfill except in existing roadways
6. Saw cutting of asphalt or concrete
7. Removal of excess spoil offsite
a. Excess spoil will be relocated to a designated stockpile onsite
8. Reinstatement of existing surfaces, such as asphalt or concrete etc
9. Landscaping
10. Installation of footings in poor soil conditions
11. Lighting towers for night works
12. Concrete or Asphalt batch plant opening fees
13. Temporary works designs
14. Excavation in rock or non-rippable material of any description

This installation quote may be subject to a variation in cost in the following circumstances:
additional site visits required, due to down time and client/builder delays. demurrage or stand down delays further site inductions required works outside of original quote/scope cancellation of works without 48 hours prior notice

• Unit Prices quoted do not include any freight or delivery costs.
• Ex-Stock and/or standard sign only orders are despatched within 48 hours
• For Standard road and OH&S signs allow for 7 working day, from placement of order, to complete the manufacture of your signs. More urgent delivery requirements may incur a surcharge above the quoted price.
• For Non Standard & Commercial signs allow for 10 to 14 working days, placement of order to complete the manufacture of your signs. More urgent delivery requirements may incur a surcharge above the quoted price.
• For any items requiring artwork approval, standard manufacture lead times commence once approval is received.
• The above pricing is based on the total order acceptance and may be subject to alteration should quantities be changed.
• If this quotation is successful please ensure that our quotation number is clearly shown on all your future documentation.


This quotation allows for one colour proof, and one amendment. Any additional amendments will be charged out at our standard hourly rate of $90.00.