Overlength Vehicle Warning

Overlength Vehicle Warning

Hi-Vis Group was approached to provide a solution to alert Overlength Vehicles to turn around prior to going too far along the bridge road where there was no adequate space roadside for the trucks to turn around.

An Overlength Truck Warning System for the Broughton’s Pass was developed to alert trucks over 15m in length to the oncoming danger.

Our solutions consisted of a radar that captures all vehicles passing towards Broughton’s Pass from either side of the pass and measure the actual length of each vehicle.  If the vehicles is in excess of 15m in length a single is sent immediately via our proprietary Hyperion Mesh Network to the electronic sign further ahead triggering dual yellow beacons to alternately flash along with a ‘TURN AROUND’ LED sign illuminating to warn and alert the oncoming truck of the situation.

The scope of works included the following:

  •  Sign Design
  •  Project Management
  •  Provision of Traffic Management
  •  Software Programming
  • Manufacture, Installation & Commissioning
  • Provision of QA Documentation
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