Early Flood Warning

Early Flood Warning

Weir Road is a 6 km road linking  Teralba and Barnsley in the Lake Macquarie City Council area.  It is predominantly low level and prone to frequent flooding.

During periods of flooding Lake Macquarie City Council crews would need to go to both the Teralba and Barnsley ends of Weir Road and close the road off to motorists, stopping direct traffic through the area.

To warn motorists of the imminent danger of flooding an early flood warning system was developed by Hi-Vis Group which operated as follows:

  • Water level sensors were placed along Weir Road at a level below flood points
  • During periods of heavy rain, as Lake Macquarie rose in level, usually accompanied with a high tide, the sensors would activate
  • Once activated, the sensors would automatically message [via SMS] nominated LMCC personnel
  • LMCC personnel would then activate a group of 5 warning signs spread along Weir Road near both entrances
  • These warning signs incorporated dual flashing lights [wig wams] that warned approaching motorists of the flooded road and not to enter

This system was effectively designed and deployed as a 24/7 first response to warn motorists of impending anger of the flooded road until such time LMCC crews arrived to close the road access entirely.

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