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QLD LED School Zone Signs

QLD LED School Zone Signs

In 1999, Hi-Vis Group invented the original Flashing LED School Zone sign.

These signs have had a dramatic impact on the reduction of incidents and fatalities around QLD School Zones. To date, Hi-Vis Group has produced hundreds of School Zone signs throughout QLD.


  • Cabinet Size:  2400mm height x 900mm width x 180mm depth
  • Lantern Qty:  2
  • Annulus Qty:  1


  • 3M Diamond Grade reflective printed as pictured
  • Sign controller
  • Website for data collection & managing sign configuration
  • Default function: Lanterns flash alternately with annulus
  • Hours to flash are programmed through an easy web-based interface
  • When outside set school zone times sign is blank
  • Cabinet is grey powder coated
  • Monitoring of the individual LED performance
  • IP65 water & dust rating
  • Rain & light sensor. Varies brightness of LEDs to suit local conditions & increases battery life
  • Strut mountings are the same as standard road signs


  • Solar & battery kit
  • WIFI connectivity
  • SMS reboot
  • Installation
  • 12VDC or 240VAC

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