Utes & Vans

Generate Leads From Your Vehicle 24/7!

Our previous clients report a continuous supply of phone calls and enquiries just from being seen on the road!  Tray back and hubs can be used for the display of your range of products or services, website and contact details. Our in house designers know how to optimise the available space on a ute or van whilst also providing affordable solutions to match your budget.  We have also developed specialised production techniques to maximise toolboxes without hampering your work efforts!

At Hi-Vis we only use premium materials and our quality workmanship allows us to offer up to 7 year warranties on our work.  When your work ute is being used daily, it pays to use premium materials, cheaper and inferior materials will not last and do not represent good value for money.

Contact Our Friendly Team on 1300 857 500 or Email sales@pilot.hivis.com


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