Make a Statement!

Pylons make a real visual statement in today’s busy and cluttered environment.

Pylons really make a statement. Generally they stand straight and tall above everything else around them. Hi-Vis can produce customised pylons to any shape, size and colour. We also have access to the latest in full colour LED technology with remotely programmable messaging systems.

Whether they be for entrances, informational, wayfinding or directional, Hi-Vis has the solution for your site.

Hi-Vis has special capabilities. Hi-Vis invented & developed the core technology of flashing school zone signs as seen throughout NSW and QLD. These signs use the mobile network to programme activation/deactivation from our office in Carrington.

Hi-Vis design, engineer, fabricate and install all parts of the pylon and have our own in house equipment and specialised technicians to ensure not only the pylon is fabricated and installed correctly but the electronics systems are fully operational from Day 1. If LED messaging is being utilised full training is provided.

Hi-Vis is uniquely positioned to offer a full service to clients when pylons are a desirable option.

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