LED Variable Speed Limit [VSL]

Alert oncoming road users of changes in speed with the Hi-Vis Variable Speed Limit Sign.

  • Slow speed on your roads and work sites
  • Can set speed up to 100km
  • LED’s remain static rather than flashing
  • Upgrade with an ANPR camera to monitor traffic & overspeed enforcement
  • B Size cabinet:  1190mm height x 790mm width x 180mm depth






Sign Inclusions:

  • Sign Controller
  • Fully programmable & customisable with variable speeds
  • Website for data collection and managing sign configuration
  • Default function with radar:
    • Over set speed limit:  Speed limit is shown in the red annulus & "Slow Down" flashes
    • Under set speed limit: Sign is blank
    • Maximum speed displayed:  99kms
    • Minimum speed displayed:  10km
  • Cabinet is black power coated
  • Monitoring of the individual LED performance
  • IP65 water & dust rating
  • Light sensor. Varies brightness of LED's to suit local conditions & increases battery life
  • Strut mountings are the same as standard road signs
  • Solar & battery kit
  • SMS reboot
  • Doppler radar
  • Reporting:  oncoming vehicle count, speed GPS, battery voltage and current

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