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Hi-Vis Speed Signs | Proven to Increase Speed Compliance

Hi-Vis have deployed over 400+ LED signs across the country.  To assist our clients with compliance and sign monitoring, we have developed a proprietary software system, incorporating a custom built website and dashboard with all critical statistics available 24/7.

ONLY the Hi-Vis signage system gives you access to:

  • Speed
  • Vehicle Count
  • Speed Reports
  • Export to Excel
  • GPS, Solar Current & Battery Voltage
  • Environmental Conditions

Our software system comes with a range of dashboards which can be customised  to suit individual client’s reporting needs.

  1. Review statistics over different periods.
  2. Easily select different signs without leaving the page.
  3. Hover the mouse over each hour to reveal in-depth details such as average speed, high speed and number of cars.
  4. Clicking over the hour will reveal the details by minutes within that hour.
  5. Export the data log to CSV (Excel) files.
  6. Find all your signs in the map. Click on each sign to view its report.
  7. Hover the mouse over each time of day to reveal how many cars have been detected during that hour.
  8. Check the reports within each hour.
  9. Details about overspeed, comply, highest speed, average speed for every minute.
  10. Use the configuration panel to change the signs settings remotely, including the speed limit. 1
  11. Check all environmental variables in real time.
  12. Receive email alerts if environmental variables report any warning values.
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  • Log onto our website using any web-based device to update or view any sign
  • Access a variety of statistics such as vehicle count, speed & location
  • View reports on traffic data over time to see trends by hour, day or month
  • Update the speed or message on the sign through an easy to use web-based platform
  • By using the environmental report you can view battery voltage, solar current & load current so that you can see the health of the sign at any time of the day
  • By using the web-based portal you can have control of your sign & the ability to see current traffic conditions
  • Interface with Bureau of Meteorology & Rural Fire Service to display site specific weather messages

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