LED Vehicle Activated Variable Speed Sign Solar

Do you have a problem with speeding on your site? Our Hi-Vis speed signs are proven to enhance speed compliance on your site. Our LED Vehicle Activated Solar Speed Sign can be altered to speed limits up to 99km/h. Our LED Sign range is fully customisable through our online management system for clients to log in to view data such as vehicle count, average speed, environment conditions and reports on traffic data over a set time period. This enables clients to better manage compliance on site remotely via any device. 

  • LED Super Bright Low Power Consumption Illumination
  • Solar Operated - Environmentally Friendly
  • Vehicle Activated Operation
  • Variable Speed Limit from 5 km/h to 99 km/h
  • Full Data Recording of every vehicle, type and speed that passes the sign
  • 4G wireless connection for LIVE monitoring and downloading LIVE data
  • 4G connection for Help Desk troubleshooting
  • AGM batteries
  • Automatic Brightness Adjustment and Individual Pixel Detection
  • Full operation and uses only 0.5 amp at full brightness - Groundbreaking technology
  • IP65 rated housing