Hi-Vis can provide a vast range of workplace or home safety signage based around the COVID-19 Pandemic key messages. 

Help people understand the best options for them to assist #stopthespread and to #flattenthecurve.  If you have staff at home then perhaps they need signage at the front of their house for deliveries or packages to be delivered in the safest possible methods.  

Hi-Vis can supply:

  • Wall posters advising correct safety procedures & warning messages are printed on germ-free, promeg in full colour.  Options include: eyelets or adhesive tape on the back on the sign
  • Floor stickers advising correct distancing measures. All decals include anti-slip laminate for both concrete and carpetted surfaces.  HI-TAC and REMOVABLE
  • Custom messages available.
  • Reprint with your company branding and safety messages
  • Use our in-house team to design unique signage for your business

Give us a call on 1300 857 500 to enquire or order.